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Welcome to our amusing site about dating.

The topic of acquaintance and dating is eternal because it is closely connected with the theme of love. It is actual matter for people of different ages, classes, interests, professions, etc. It is considered that spring is the most active season for people which stimulates them to seek for acquaintance but life shows that people want to date and get acquainted with the opposite sex all year round.

On the one hand you know nothing about a person you meet. He/she can inform you about some facts of his/her life and it doesn’t mean that it will be true information. It is difficult to draw at list a single reliable conclusion about your supposed match: how much does he/she earns, what is he/she fond of, what are his/her friends. There can be any answers to these questions. Ordinary people and corporation owners get acquainted in the street and in the internet.

Maybe your acquaintance will get you nowhere, maybe it will do you harm, nobody knows. But it can also bring happiness and the full range of positive feelings to your life as well. So don’t be absorbed by your fears and hang-ups and open yourself to the world around you!

There are a lot of sites in the Internet as you know, which offer different dating services. It is sometimes extremely difficult to sort them out, to decide which the best is for you. But our site purposes to give you information about dating and everything which is connected with it: love, acquaintance, and different ways to overcome shyness, how to make presents, how to find your perfect match according to your zodiacal sign, etc. Of course, our site will be especially interesting to those of you who haven’t got much experience in this field. We are sure that after having read our pages you will feel more self-confident and it will be easier for you to start your journey to the world of dating. It will be useful for you to visit our site before visiting dating sites or getting acquainted in real life.

There are certain differences in getting acquainted in real life and with the help of the internet. Here you will find tips how to get acquainted in different situations.

On this site you will also find pieces of advice how to behave in different situations and what you should change in yourself in order to make friends with opposite sex representatives. If it will help you at least a little we would be very glad.

So, welcome to us, read our articles, send yours, learn more about different types of male and female character and become a proficient dater.


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